About Read Remark

Read Remark Book Reviews - Beth Dean

Hi! I’m Beth.

The concept behind Read Remark is pretty simple: I read books, then talk and write about them.

I’ve been into books since I was a wee babe and have found that there are lots of other like-minded nerds … I mean intelligent aficionados.

Each Thursday, I post videos with book recommendations. The BookTube community is pretty awesome – turns out, YouTube is full of fellow readers with lots of opinions about books. Check out and subscribe to my channel here.

I follow the same five-star rating system as Goodreads:

  • 1 – did not like it
  • 2 – it was ok
  • 3 – liked it
  • 4 – really liked it
  • 5 – it was amazing

I don’t give out five-star ratings willy-nilly. I save those for books I truly love; ones that leave me changed.

Drop me a line.

I’m glad you’re here! Got ideas for new videos or book reviews? Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!