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Hi! I’m Beth.

The concept behind Read Remark is pretty simple: I read books, then talk and write about them.

I’ve been into books since I was a wee babe and have found that there are lots of other like-minded nerds … I mean intelligent aficionados.

I graduated college as an English lit major, intending to be a high-school English teacher. But life has a way of changing plans. The climate in my state was not teacher-friendly at the time and I realized that the reality of the classroom was, in fact, not the final scene of Dead Poets Society, in which all students would stand on their desks and chant, “Oh captain, my captain.”

Years later, I’m a marketing manager in corporate America instead and a photographer on the fringes. And I love it. Regardless of the career path, my love of reading is as fervent as ever.

Periodically, I post videos with book recommendations. The BookTube community is pretty awesome – turns out, YouTube is full of fellow readers with lots of opinions about books. Check out and subscribe to my channel here.

So let’s talk about books!

I follow the same five-star rating system as Goodreads:

  • 1 – did not like it
  • 2 – it was ok
  • 3 – liked it
  • 4 – really liked it
  • 5 – it was amazing

I don’t give out five-star ratings willy-nilly. I save those for books I truly love; ones that leave me changed.

Drop me a line.

I’m glad you’re here! Got ideas for new videos or book reviews? Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!

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