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An Ode to Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are one of a few favorite comfort items that got me through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ok, ok. “Got me through” might be premature, considering we’re still in the thick of it. But considering we’re more than a year and a half in, it’s safe to say we’ve all established some habits that’ll probably stick. At least for a while.

The weirder the subject, the better. I think my obsession with adult coloring books started when I got one about farting animals as a gift to give a family member.

Farting Animals adult coloring book
Farting animals: best subject ever?

Still wishing I’d gotten one for myself, too.

This latest one on Drinking Animals (I’m sensing an animal theme here) was especially fun, since it included recipes (entertaining AND educational, right?) and allowed me to indulge another obsession I gained during the pandemic: fountain pens.

Just take a visit to the r/fountainpens subreddit and you’ll be tempted to dive in, too. Here’s a sample of my collection so far.

Fountain pens
Fountain pen mania

Next, I have my eye on a super classy adult coloring book featuring cuss words. The more f-bombs the better.

If you’re looking for me during times of duress, I’ll just be over here doodling and coloring.

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