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Best of the “Best Books of 2017” Lists

If you’re friends with me on Twitter, you know how much I adore reading round-ups of “best of” lists.

Here are some of my favorite lists of the best books of 2017.

It’s a best of the “best of” lists, if you will (ba-dum-dum). Hoooooooo, boy.

NY Times
The 10 Best Books of 2017

2017: This Year in Books

Publisher’s Weekly
Best 20 Books of 2017” (hint, click “list” to get it as one scrollable list)

Washington Post
Best Books of 2017” (don’t miss the other booky lists at the bottom of the article)

Readers’ Choice Awards 2017

The 10 Best Books of 2017

The Ten Best Books of 2017

The Morning News
Tournament of Books Long List

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own Read Remark list of top 10 favorite reads in 2017.

I was looking forward to the Entertainment Weekly best books of 2017 list, but they’ve presented it online in one of those annoying slideshows you have to click through with lots of ads and no scrollable option. I refuse to reward that clickbaity behavior by linking to it, so their opinions will be absent this year. Google it if you want, but beware the sloppy UX.

Casually eyeballing it, commonly named books include:

For an in-depth roundup, check out LitHub’s “The Ultimate Best Books of 2017 List.” They’ve culled the best of lists for us and present a truly ultimate amalgamation of common authors and titles deemed the best this year.

Happy reading!

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