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Book Review: Come as You Are, by Emily Nagoski

One-sentence summary:

Explore the wonders of the womanly garden and how to make it flower.*

*you’ll soon understand just how clever that metaphor is.

OK, before I get started, I must say…

Heeeeeheeheheheheheheeee! It’s a book about lady parts! *snicker snicker snicker*

Jeez, I’m immature.

I won’t get too detailed about the, ahem, mechanics of Come as You Are because I would never do it justice.

Nagoski, however, does.

She approaches the subject of women and their differing sexualities in a way that’s refreshing and takes the dang pressure off.

Her resounding message: you’re normal.

Yes, with all of your complexities and hang-ups and quirks, you’re normal and just as deserving of love as anyone else.

She gives the partners respect as well (that includes men). They aren’t the source of women’s issues, nor are they the sole solution. But their love and support sure is vital. In her scenarios, the partners are the real MVPs.

She just lays (heehee, “lays”) everything out so nicely and makes it seem less fraught with drama. Women aren’t a problem to be solved or fixed. It’s more a process of figuring out what type of puzzle you’re dealing with, how to put the pieces together, and enjoying the process.

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