Book Review – Final Girls Support Group by Grady Hendrix

Years ago, Lynnette survived the wrath of a serial killer. She was the “final girl” left alive.

Now, she and a handful of other women in similar situations meet with a therapist to hash through the traumatic aftermath.

But now, a new killer is after them. This book has it all – laughs, thrills, suspense, action, women supporting one another, backstabbing, and, well, just plain old stabbing as well.

One thing I love about Grady Hendrix is his mix of horror and humor. You see it in Horrorstor, where terrifying stuff is intercut with promos of crappy Ikea-like furniture.

We get to see the same wittiness here, with horrible scenes interrupted by previews of slasher films based on their ordeals.

I just enjoy this author so much.

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