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Book Review: Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Ghosted begins as a mystery.

Sarah, a woman going through a divorce, meets Eddie and they fall instantly, deeply, and irrevocably in love. They spend one blissful week together and exchange contact info, promising to keep in touch and continue their romance.

But then he disappears (hence “Ghosted”).

All of Sarah’s efforts to reach him lead to nothing. Despite her incessant messaging, he never responds. Eddie’s friends even warn her to back off.

As Sarah keeps trying to find him, the tension increases. What’s going on? Is Eddie involved in something bad? Is Sarah in danger by not leaving it alone?

The resolution is complicated, as is her past leading up to the grand romance.

“Nobody warns you that life continues to be complicated after you’ve Done the Right Thing. That there is no reward, beyond some intangible sense of moral fortitude.”
Rosie Walsh

I’m not quite sure what this book wants to be. A mystery? Romance? General fiction? Perhaps all three. The cover is very similar to those of Liane Moriarty, queen of domestic fiction.

It’s okay to cross genres. Sometimes this one feels slightly confused about what it wants to be, though. It’s steeped in mystery, increasing the suspense, then releases to pure emotion.

I had a hard time understanding why Sarah doesn’t just leave Eddie alone. After all, he did ghost her. All signs point to him just not being that into her. After her umpteenth thwarted attempt to contact Eddie, it grows tiresome.

Ultimately, though, Ghosted is an interesting ride that doesn’t reach the destination I thought it would. It’s kind of a nice turn, though. Those unexpected turns can sometimes show us a completely different horizon.

Rosie Walsh
Published July 2018
Pamela Dorman Books

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