Read Remark Book Review - The Girl in Green by Derek B Miller

Book Review: The Girl in Green by Derek B Miller

One-sentence summary:
Two men, a soldier and a reporter, are haunted twenty years later by their failure to rescue a girl in green during war.

The Girl in Green deals heavily with war, its two main characters, family dynamics, and stealth maneuvers.

Not so much with the actual girl in green.

The book follows Arwood, a soldier, and Benton, a reporter, in war. Under fire, they try and fail to save a local girl wearing a green dress.

In the process, Arwood exposes himself to be a charismatic, almost foolhardy character and Benton engages in probably the least passionately-written love affair to have ever been put to paper.

Now it’s twenty years later, and they mysteriously see the same girl on TV. Back to the sands they go!

Relatively early in their return,

The trip still offers a shot of redemption. Arwood and Benton’s lives are war, war, war…and then a glimpse of something with pure, with color and hope.

I can’t really blame them for chasing it, no matter how foolhardy.

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