Read Remark book review - It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Book Review: It Ends with Us, by Colleen Hoover

One-sentence summary:

Lily’s new and increasingly confusing romance with Ryle sparks memories of her long-ago connection with Atlas.


It Ends with Us is not at all what I expected.

It starts as a romance, then turns into something much deeper.

I don’t want to give too much away in the synopsis. There’s something powerful about the unexpected shock the reader feels along with the character when an event changes everything.

I usually save my five-star reviews for books that are literary tour de forces. I highly rated this one because it changed my perceptions. Turns out, there’s a lot I don’t know about this situation. This made me look at it from a viewpoint I hadn’t considered before.

Yes, there are frustrating parts. Yes, Lily sometimes makes bad decisions (or indecisions). But that’s the beauty of the human condition. We’re so perfectly imperfect. Sometimes people have to bump into things a few times before they learn to veer around it.

I love a character who struggles to find the right path. Lily isn’t faced with easy decisions.

And sometimes, that thing we’re supposed to avoid is also the thing that is good like nothing else. It’s gooooood. So good it makes you wonder if the bad that comes with it might be worth the package deal.

To quote the song “Addiction” by the great philosopher, Kanye West:

Why everything that’s supposed to bad make me feel so good?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best I could
But (You make me smile)

I think Lily comes up against that here. The good is so good, she almost can’t believe the bad is happening.

PS – Nice naming conventions for the main characters. Quite fitting.

——-A short quandary on book cover trends:——-

OK, let’s lighten things up a bit and talk book covers.

At first, I had forgotten the plot summary and didn’t realize this was a romance novel. I should have known, since there was a flower on the cover. What’s the deal with flowers on the covers of romance books? It reminds me of a feminine hygiene ad.

I suppose I’ve gotten used to seeing romance novels lately sporting covers with a simple background at 80% black and a single set of cufflinks in the foreground, or handcuffs, or whatever else supposedly signifies male power and female swooniness (insert eye-roll here).

Like the classic complainer, I have no solution. No clue what the best romance cover art would be. It’s just been fun to see the changing trends over the years. Bodice ripping | flowers | single object in spotlight.

If it sells, it sells. I wonder what the next trend will be.

——-end quandary——-

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