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Book Review: The Nest, by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

One-sentence summary:

Adult siblings suddenly find their family’s nest egg depleted, cracking the delicate shells their lives have become.

There’s a somewhat known phenomenon called “hate watching,” in which people enjoy watching a show full of deplorables just to that get the delicious chance to hate and criticize them. It’s cathartic. It’s validating. It’s snark at its best.

Boy, did I love to hate the characters in The Nest.

They were so entitled and selfish and full of bad choices. I was happily hate-reading, feeling quite pleased with my own transparency with my spouse and lack of reliance on a nest.

But then, halfway through the book, the unexpected happened. I started to like them all (except for the obvious character – that person was just horrible).

I couldn’t hate read any more. I wanted good things to happen for these people. Perhaps a fat stack of cash could magically appear under someone’s rug. Absent that, at least they could find the peace they are desperately reaching for.

By the end, I actually found myself smiling and saying, “Awww” at the unexpectedly heartfelt turn.

Now, back to the latest political fights on TV. I’ve got some hate watching to catch up on.