Book Review – No Exit by Taylor Adams

Hoooooo, boy. I did not love No Exit

I hate giving bad reviews. Avoid it, in fact. But I bought this book from the Book of the Month Club with my actual money (not sponsored in any way) and feel I owe it to myself to give it an honest review. Think of it as a sort of twisted return on investment. 

I usually go for library books or the clearance rack at Barnes and Noble. So to spend extra money on a book I don’t love kinda rankles. And I’m usually very careful about my BOTM selections. 

To be fair, the description on the book jacket is CAPTIVATING! 

“Thirteen hours, four strangers, one missing child.

No exit.

She knows her odds, she’ll fight anyway.”

Taylor Adams, No Exit

SOLD! Take all my money! 

The book started off with a good premise. Snowy night, imperfect main character, strangers trapped in a room, creepy atmosphere, stale coffee.

But gah, it was not good. I talk about it in detail in my booktube video, but to summarize, my biggest peeves came down to the villain’s overfamiliarity with Darby and the Michael Bay-esque flash-bangs. 

The good news: I think I’m in the minority. Many Goodreads reviewers loved this book. I just didn’t.

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