Read Remark Book Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Book Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

One-sentence summary:
Carrie Fisher, most famous for her movie role as Princess Leia, recounts those early days, including casting, an affair with Harrison Ford, and the sudden onset of extreme fame.

Tip: “Read” The Princess Diarist via audiobook.

Carrie Fisher narrates her own memoir and, much like the way she lived her life, recounts her youth con brio.

There’s so much to enjoy in The Princess Diarist. Star Wars nerds enthusiasts (that would be me) will revel in every word about the movie. Romance enthusiasts will swoon over the ill-fated love affair of Carrison. Sarcasm enthusiasts (raises hand sheepishly) will chuckle sardonically at Fisher’s tone throughout the book, both recounting and shaking her head nostalgically at the absurdity of Hollywood.

Some favorites:

  • Fisher’s awkward interview for Star Wars casting, evoking painful memories of the awkward person in all of us who replies “Blergenheimer!!” and then trips and farts simultaneously when simply asked how we’re doing today.
  • A young Fisher astonished at her profound drunkenness after two and a half glasses of wine.
  • Fisher admitting that an affair took place with Harrison Ford, but that she is a lady, thank you very much, and will not go into details of what happened after the lights went out.
  • This quote: “So after a very short while, I gave up on looking intelligent (thank God) and I continue that to this day.”
  • The thankful love she feels for her fans, despite her uneasy relationship with fame.
  • Just hearing Fisher’s voice, knowing what comes soon after she recorded this book.

Reviewing the work of someone who has recently passed on is difficult. It’s easy to lapse into the halo or horn effect, summing up the person’s life as glowingly wonderful or burning with horribleness in its entirety.

Fisher is a gifted writer, willing to put a voice to so much that people are too self-conscious to talk about.

We’re lucky to have gotten this final chapter. I wish there were more.

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