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Book Review – Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker is reminiscent of one of those ripped from the headlines books.

It follows a group of four women in the workplace and their reactions to a powerful male coworker named Ames who is rumored to be a harasser. In this age of #metoo, the story rings so true.

Literally, it’s a story that has happened numerous times. In 2017, there was a Google spreadsheet that was quietly going around among women called “shitty media men.” Women recorded names of men within the media and advertising industry that they needed to watch out for. It acted as a sort of secret bat signal to one another.

A similar thing happens in this fictional book, Whisper Network. There’s a spreadsheet that goes around of shitty men they need to watch out for. When someone adds Ames’ name to it, chaos ensues, and not in the way the women would have anticipated.

Instead of Ames being held accountable for his transgressions, it’s mainly the woman who’s in trouble for spreading these malicious… truths about him. 

The relationship between the women in this story is complicated. They band together, they backstab, they doubt, they support. 

Just as in real life, stories like these are messy.


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