Booktube Video: Liars in Literature and the Dan Mallory Saga

Lying liars who lie. Dan Mallory is apparently one of this breed.

I’m sure many of you have read the article in The New Yorker talking about Dan Mallory and his long web of lies. He also goes under the pen-name, A.J. Finn. He wrote the smash hit The Woman in the Window. It’s a book which I, in fact, glowingly reviewed.

But he isn’t the first. There’s a long line of lying liars, including:

And here’s some of my vast, vast (2 article) research on compulsive liars:

Where do we go from here?

Do we separate the art from the artist when the artist is a human being who does bad, bad things? Do we boycott them? Here’s my video where I start to question it. Despite these questions, I still haven’t quite found my answer that works for my conscience.

So whaddya think? Any insight? Complicated stuff and the answers aren’t easy.

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