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Celebrating My Dog, Plus Books Featuring Dogs

I’m completely smitten over my dog, Lulu.

Usually, I’m focusing on books on the ole blog, but today is International Dog Day…or is it National Dog Day?

Either way works for me! Let’s look at some cute dog photos before we dive into the book talk.

Bringing it back to books, is there any comfort quite like curling up on the couch with a good book and blankie and having your pup curl up next to you?

And Now for the Books About Dogs

If you’d like to combine that indulgence along with actually reading a book about a dog, might I suggest The Friend by Sigrid Nunez? It features a Great Dane who brings unexpected comfort to a woman in her time of grief. Watch my booktube video book review here. The book does meander quite a bit, as the narrator shares miscellaneous fun facts. But when you consider it as part of her grieving process, it makes more sense.

Another one worth checking out is the horror book, The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher. Holy wow, this book is creepy. But the thing that really gave the book life was the relationship between the narrator, Mouse, and her dog, Bongo. This woman goes through horrific hellscapes with Bongo by her side (I don’t want to spoil anything, but for anyone needing a trigger warning, none is needed here – the dog comes through it okay).

Gaaaaah, it’s creepy. But I just loved reading about Mouse, Bongo, and another woman she strikes up a friendship with later in the book. Is it possible for a horror book to also be uplift? I suppose so – Dean Koontz does it all the time. The Twisted Ones made me wonder at the bonds of friendship.

And then there’s this book review I did on No Exit – a book I didn’t personally care for, but sure did appreciate Lulu’s help in discussing. Plus, she gave some of my other book corners some helpful doggie nibbles:

So, grab your dog, grab a good book, and enjoy the day!


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