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Favorite Things in August

Believe it or not, I’m not always reading. Sometimes I do other things, too.

Here are some of my Favorite Things in August.



Alexander muthafu***ing Hamilton. Holy crap, this play was good. I’m still singing the songs in my head and will randomly bust out with an, “Angelicaaaaa. Eliiiiza…And Peggy!” Pro tip: the full album is available to stream on Amazon Prime music for members.

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Of course, I’m late to this party. It’s not news that this play is good. But this was my first time to experience it, and it’s even better than the hype. Every bit of it is wonderful.


Lulu Bernice, our bernedoodle

I’ve always considered myself the pet version of someone who is childless by choice. While I thought other people’s pets were perfectly cute, I was happily pet-free. But my youngest kid is the biggest dog person I’ve ever met, despite being allergic to most of them (and many foods, too, for that matter). So to spare myself the crushing guilt of feeling like I’m ruining his childhood, I finally caved and got a dog. 

Read Remark - Lulu Bernice the Bernedoodle
Read Remark - Lulu Bernice the Bernedoodle

Because of his and my own allergies, we had to get a snobby breed (bernedoodle). I initially felt guilty and weird about that, but then we all instantly fell in love with Lulu. I even made a freaking Instagram page for her. Yes, an Instagram page just for my dog. I’m one of those people now. I don’t know how, but it seems that we’ve managed to welcome the best dog in the world into our family. We’re smitten.

Read Remark - Lulu Bernice the Bernedoodle


Four Weddings and a Funeral – Hulu

I love the original movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Let’s just drop a quick homage to that one before I move on to the series on Hulu.

The Hulu series has enough changes that I don’t feel the need to constantly compare it unfavorably to the beloved movie. 

They’ve modernized it, diversified the cast, and made it a little younger and more hip. There’s something a little too slick in this cast, too put together. Especially when compared to the grit of real life that lovingly marred the characters of the movie. But still, I’m loving the Hulu series. 

So there they are. Three of my Favorite Things in August. How about you? Anything stir your senses? Do share!

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