Favorite Things In December

December is more than a little bit stressful for me. There’s just so much stuff to do for the holidays and I seem to have a hard time keeping up with it. In the interest of self care, I tried to keep a steady stream of comforting things going. 

Here are a few of my non-bookish favorite things in December.


UnReal – Hulu

It’s so wonderfully smarmy!! I finally gave in and added Hulu to my streaming services, and ever since, I’ve been on an UnReal binge. This is a cynical, dirty, fictional take on The Bachelor. It takes one of my guilty pleasures and makes it even more salacious. It’s wonderful!


Dumplin’ – Netflix

I never knew a movie about pageants could be so emotional. This take on Julie Murphy’s book, Dumplin’, is sweet and sentimental. I love Dolly Parton, so it was a pleasure for her music to carry me through the movie. 


Hot cocoa

I have a whole system for my hot cocoa. I make it extra extra hot with almond milk. First, I add marshmallows. After they get melty and I eat those, I start adding whipped cream. I go through at least a couple rounds of each of those. It turns out to be more of a sugar bomb by the time I’m done with it. It’s the best!


Black Mirror, “Bandersnatch” – Netflix

Can you tell I’ve had the TV on in the background a lot this month? This is a show that actually demanded my full-on, lights-out, grab-the-popcorn attention. We spent a looooong time going through each of the scenarios in this clever choose-your-own-adventure show. 


The winter weather

Beth Dean Photo - Icy Winter Day-2

Beth Dean Photo - Icy Winter Day

So, I’m a big baby when it comes to the cold. But boy, oh, boy, does winter provide some grand photo ops. Makes my photographer’s heart happy. I see the ice and instead of thinking first about the treacherous roads, I shout, “Lemme grab my camera!!”

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