Favorite Things in February

Time for some more of my non-bookish favorite things!

Favorite Things in February


Younger – Hulu

Diane’s ridiculous power necklaces. Witty banter like this: “I don’t think you should let anyone with the word “˜lifehacker’ in his title anywhere near your coin purse.” And, of course, a look inside the publishing industry makes this show sublime. I love the cynical look at books, including “sick lit” and the hot shot billionaire disrupter.


Ghosts in the Burbs – Liz Sower

This podcast is wonderful. It’s just a woman, a microphone, and her wild imagination (…or is it. BWAHAHAHA) as she tells creepy, cuss and wine-laden tales of hauntings in her affluent neighborhood.


Bedsure faux fur throw blanket

Read Remark books and blankieMy sweet sister got this blankie for me for my birthday. And I loooooove it. It’s ridiculously soft and just lightweight enough that I can already see myself using it in the summer, too.


Feetures socks

Read Remark favorite things - Feetures socksI got my first pair of these several years ago. Running in my regular socks left my feet with blisters every time. These didn’t. Even better: they don’t get holes. Seriously. I think I’ve had my oldest pair for 5 or 6 years and it’s still just as good as new. They’re spendy, but they do the job exceptionally well.


Savannah Smiles – Girl Scout Cookies

Read Remark favorite things - Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookiesThese little lemony Girl Scout cookies are so delicate and delightful. When my dealer cookie distribution specialist told me that they’ll be discontinued after this year, I mourned. Perhaps I should buy 10 more boxes and freeze them for the upcoming cookiepocalyse.

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