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Favorite Things in May

There are some really compelling non-bookish things that grabbed my attention this month. Let’s dig in!

My Favorite Things in May include:


Killing Eve – Hulu

How am I just now watching this show? Holy schnikes, it’s so sumptuous. The wardrobe, the dreamy music, Sandra Oh’s quirky outlook, Jodie Comer’s Villanelle … gah the evil is almost beautiful. When are the season 2 episodes coming to Hulu? The waiting is killing me…hopefully not literally.


Book Club – Hulu

Four friends of a certain age read Fifty Shades of Grey for their book club and get a new lease on their love lives. But really, the movie isn’t about the book. It’s about these fabulous women, who are complex, vibrant, and funny. And the fooooood. Those snacks make me want to drop into any of the scenes.


Uncover Season 1 – “Escaping NXIVM

Sex cult, multi-level-marketing pyramid scheme, thief of personal identity;   NXIVM is a fascinating cult to hear about. We go into depth with the Uncover podcast, and still, I find myself wanting to know more. I feel like this scratches the surface of how f***ed up it truly was. It’s sparked my appetite.

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