Favorite Things in November

This time of year is so festive…and more than a little stressful. It’s the perfect time to take comfort in the cozy things the season offers.

Here are my non-bookish favorite things in November.


Fall foliage

I know, I know. It’s like saying I like rainbows and puppy dogs. Of course fall foliage is pretty. But as we’ve discovered before, I’m #basic like that.


The Princess Switch – Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens is just so delightful. This Christmas movie is one of Netflix’s latest, and it doesn’t disappoint. It even promotes The Christmas Prince. Very meta.


Pumpkin pie

Read Remark - pumpkin pieI like my pumpkin pie and hot chocolate suuuper heavy on the whipped cream. This is a true-life photo of my pie at Thanksgiving. Ate it all. Twice.


Tournament of Books long list – The Morning News

Read Remark book reviews - The Tournament of Books by The Morning NewsIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Morning news puts on a March Madness-esque tournament, pitting the year’s best books against each other.


Jack Black lip balm

2018-11 favorite things in November - Jack Black lip balm-1My lips get really dry, so I’ve tried a lot of chapsticks and lip balms. A. Lot. Jack Black is the best one for me. I keep multiples – a car balm, bed balm, office balm, purse balm…

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