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Non-Bookish Things I Liked in August

I usually review books here, but gosh darnit, the world is just so full of other beautiful things, too. Here are a few non-bookish things I liked in August.


My mother-in-law’s Thai stuff

My mother in law is originally from Thailand. Every time she comes over, we can see little pieces of her throughout the house, like this Thai coffee and toothpaste. I love it and love her.



30 for 30 Season 3: BIKRAM

30 for 30 changed things up for season 3 of their podcast, devoting it to Bikram Choudhury, originator of the popular Bikram yoga. He built a yoga empire, but then was accused of sexual assault.



Better Call Saul

I’m late to this party, I know. Breaking Bad is one of the best of all time TV shows, so revisiting it in the form of Saul has been such a treat. This show is clever and funny and complex, with varying shades of morality.


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Jack Ryan

This one just came out and we’re already addicted. John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan is smart without being cocky and I enjoy the tension with his new boss. One minus: I don’t buy the chemistry with his love interest yet.



National Geographic, “How a Transplanted Face Transformed Katie Stubblefield’s Life” by Joanna Connors

Connors’ article follows Katie as she gets a face transplant. Her story is remarkable and so is the procedure. I’m certain this is only the beginning – it’ll be an exciting progression to watch in modern medicine.

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