Video: 3 Good Books that Made Good Movies

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OK, this is pretty rare, but sometimes books actually are made into good movies. Crazy, right?!

Usually, during movies, I make a sport of judging it and the many ways it falls short of the book. It’s a rare treat when one does well.

Here are 3 times that the transition from book to movie was pure gold!

  1. Psycho by Robert Bloch: The Alfred Hitchcock movie is so ubiquitous that it’s actually difficult to find anything about the book on the internets. I wanted to see how people reacted to it at the time. I can imagine this book was revolutionary and scandalous. Read my full book review here.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: Don’t hate me, but I love this movie so much it might even surpass the book. It’s so poignant. The friends seem more likeable and it’s easier to sympathize with Charlie. Read my full book review here.
  3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Oh, this book. It was so much fun watching this movie with my husband, who hadn’t read the book, and seeing his shifting emotions and loyalties through the movie’s twists. It made me think of my own shifting perceptions as I read.

There was a couple next to us in the theater who went through at least 6 cocktails each during Gone Girl. When it ended, I was basking in the glow of a wonderful movie when the woman stood and shouted, “I thought that piece of crap would never end!” Haha! It added another star to my movie-watching experience.

As soon as I finished making this booktube video, I thought of about a hundred more books that made good movies, including Into the Wild, Gone with the Wind, Grapes of Wrath, The Help, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Misery…gaaaaah I could go on.

Let me know what I missed in the comments. I love movies almost as much as I love books and could always use a good recommendation.

Thanks for watching!

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