Video: 3 Good Books with Nasty Women

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Nasty women are quite the force!

These are the women who won’t run away from a fight. They won’t cower, and every move they make is calculated and cunning.

Actually, these women go a bit beyond nasty and verge on outright scary, but nasty has such a ring to it, right?

Here are 3 good books with nasty women. Get ready to clutch your pearls in shock and outrage.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl is the modern gold standard of books with nasty women.

Amy Dunne’s husband has dunne her wrong, and now she’s gone missing. For the two people in the world who haven’t read the book or watched the movie (both excellent), I won’t say more. But let me tell you, this book throws you for a twist.

Gone Girl also birthed one of my literary pet peeves: practically every book with an iota of suspense or a character who happens to be female is now compared to Gone Girl. Stop it, publishers!! You can come up with better content for your book jackets and marketing blurbs, can’t you? You have a stable of talented authors at your disposal!

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

See my full review here.

OK, ok, so parts of this book smack of highfalutin pretention. The characters have waspy, meant-to-be-high-society names like Lotto, Mathilde, Chollie.

But this book and these characters are so compelling. If anything, I’d say that Mathilde could have gone darker. There’s somewhat of a lack of payoff; the furies could be a lot more furier. Still, though, a fun nasty woman to follow.

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Oooh, the protagonist here is so unlikeable, to the point even that she could be the antagonist of the story.

…Or could she?

Ani Fanelli has crafted a perfect life, with the perfect diets, and the perfect moneyed fiance, and works at the perfect glossy job. Underneath that perfection, though, is a woman with a black soul.

Ani seethes with disdain for most people, feeling both superior to and never as good as them.

It’s fascinating to watch bad things happen to seemingly bad people. It’s your classic chicken/egg scenario: is the person bad because of the event, or did the bad event come about by the person’s bad deeds?

Luckiest Girl Alive is riveting and not what you think it is.

Let’s crack open a book and have an adventure with ladies who are anything but boring. Be sure to draw your shades; I’d hate for you to leave yourself vulnerable to the nasty women out there.

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