Video: 3 Good Suspense Book Series

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Oh, how I love a good potboiler!

Suspense, thriller, horror; I’ve talked often about how these books sing to my dark, dark soul.

Sometimes you just have to keep the good times rolling. One suspense book is not enough. We’ve lived in the character’s world, looked through his or her eyes, and fell in love.

Here’s a tribute to three of those good suspense book series.

Spencer series, by Robert B. Parker

Spencer is a man’s man. He’s tough. He’s no nonsense. With his BFF, Hawk, they run a small detective agency, dodge death, and solve seemingly unsolvable crimes.

Spencer and Hawk love donuts, their buff muscles, and intelligent women. It’s a lot of fun following them.

Unfortunately, Robert B. Parker passed away. Ace Atkins has taken over the series, so Spencer lives on.

Heart series by Chelsea Cain

Oh, wow, is this series good. When we meet our detective, Archie, he’s a broken man. He once was a star police detective. Now, he’s lost everything, including his family.

Then we meet Gretchen Lowell, a brilliant woman who turns out to be one of the most devious villains I’ve ever read.

I don’t want to say too much about this series, because once you read it, you’ll say “Whaaaaaaaaaat! Nooooooo” Cain writes a riveting tale, and I’m happy to dive into that world.

Odd Series by Dean Koontz

OK, this is more supernatural than suspense, but Odd Thomas and his small group on allies are so likeable, I have to include them.

Odd Thomas can see the bad spirits that are invisible to everyone else. They’re drawn to evil. When Odd sees a cluster of these dark cloud-like beings, he knows something bad is about to happen in the real world.

Through this vision, Odd is able to stop major crimes before they become too major. He lives a quiet and haunted life, though, and these visions and the responsibility that comes with them weigh heavily on his shoulders.

Poor Oddy. I often just want to give him a hug and a pat on the head.

Alright, between these three series, your TBR pile just got a lot taller. Happy reading!

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