Video: Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls by Riley Sager
Published July 2017

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Death! Destruction! Mayhem! Unreliable memories! Killers on the loose!

The book packs in the chills and thrills and all the other cliched phrases you can throw at this genre.

A fellow bloody book-loving pal recommended this one to me after I recommended What You Don’t Know to her. Both are excellent books that take horrific crimes of the past that come back to re-terrorize the surviving victims.

In Final Girls, three women have survived nights of multi-murder terror. But now, one is dead and the other two may be in danger.

The public calls these last-standing survivors “Final Girls.” We follow Quincy, who has built a comfortable, if not Xanax-dependent, life for herself in the years since her friends were murdered in a remote cabin.

When a fellow Final Girl dies, Quincy mourns. When the other Final Girl, Sam, arrives uninvited at Quincy’s apartment, things become a lot more uncertain. Interactions with Sam seem to be a disaster in the making. Every time Quincy knocks on Sam’s door at night, I cringe and wonder whyyyyyy Quincy keeps going back to this fount of trouble.

What else can I say about Final Girls without spoiling it?

Well, not a lot. But you’ll likely feel disoriented, with shifting loyalties while reading. One moment, something is good and therapeutic. The next, it’s horrific.

It’s a thrilling read. Enjoy!

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