Video Book Review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Lock Every Door is Riley Sager’s latest thriller, and of course I like it.

I’ve liked everything he’s written so far. In fact, Final Girls made it to my best of 2017 list.

It hasn’t been Jules’ day. her week, her month, or even her year. She just got downsized from her company. She came home to find her boyfriend cheating on her. Both parents are long dead. Her only friend is gone on an extended vacation. She’s homeless, loveless, and alone. 

The ad for a housesitting job in an opulent boutique apartment building is just the luck Jules needs. It pays well and gives her a much-needed place to live while she rebuilds her life. 

But then, things get funky. 

First, there are the rules. Unreasonable by anyone’s standards, but hey, she needs the money. Then, there are the noises in the middle of the night; the feeling of another presence that has somehow made it inside the apartment, despite her locking every door. 

And then things get really weird. 

The final part of this review may have some thematic spoilers because, gosh darnit, I just need to talk this one out a little bit. You’ve been warned. 

Thanks as always for watching!

Lock Every Door
Riley Sager
Published July 2019

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