Video: Feminist Lit February

New month, new booktube challenge!

YouTuber ItsJaneLindsey put forth a reading challenge for February, called (fittingly enough) Feminist Lit February! Here’s her original video.

I’ve been a reading FOOL in February, so it was easy to come up with books to fill each of the challenges. Here are her five requests and the books I read that fulfill them:

  1. Read a book with a feminist protagonist.
    For this, I read The Mothers by Britt Bennett. Wow, is this book polarizing! I’m seeing a lot of (not so friendly) debate about what this book means to different readers.
  2. Read a work of feminist nonfiction.
    Well, of course Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett fits the bill for this one. It explores women in the workplace, the sexist obstacles they encounter, and recommendations on how to deal.
  3. Read a diverse book.
    I read The Vegetarian by Han Kang. This book was translated from Korean and explores the mental descent of a subservient wife when she spontaneously decides to stop obeying her husband. Read my review.
  4. Read a book by an author who identifies as female, non-binary, or gender-fluid.
    Shrill by (female) Lindy West is a great book. She is loud, she is outspoken, she most definitely is not shrill (although she has been given that moniker). And for that, she is relentlessly trolled on the internet. To a serious and disturbing degree. Read my review.
  5. Ask a feminist for a book recommendation, then read it.
    The Vegetarian left me so unmoored. A reading buddy and feminist recommended The Yellow Wallpaper to help make sense of it. It worked. Read my review here, plus get links of where to download it for free.

Thanks so much for watching, and thanks for the challenge, ItsJaneLindsey! #FeministLitFeb was a lot of fun. I look forward to the next challenge.

Got any recommendations? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I loooove hearing from you, out in the reading world. See you again soon!

Watch this video on feminist lit February on BookTube / YouTube here.

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