Video: Small Booktuber Shout-Outs

Let’s do some small booktuber shout-outs!

When YouTube changed its monetization rules yet again, the rallying cry among smaller booktubers was loud and clear. It’s more important than ever to support one another.

My list of beloved fellow booktubers is loooooong. So long that I can’t possibly name them all here. But as a start, here are a few in particular I enjoy watching.

Many thanks to Harriet Rosie for coming up with #SmallBooktuberSunday. We did the bulk of our booktuber shout-outs on YouTube on 1/21, but I’m reposting it here because these people are timeless. You should check them out no matter what the day is!

Check out Harriet Rosie’s original video announcement here.

Click each name to link directly to the person’s channel. On to the booktuber shout-outs!

Miriam at BetweenLinesandLife

Mirian is a philosophically-minded, well-spoken, and supportive member of the Booktube community.


Todd the Librarian

I love Todd’s matter-of-fact, beer-drinking, and well-read book reviews.


What Cass Read

Cass is a friendly, relatable, literary-fiction lover.


Jessica at Breathe and Read

It’s hard not to like Jessica. She’s a bubbly, funny, YA-lover.


Jen at Remembered Reads

Jen is a straightforward, eloquent, history and military buff.


Michael at Catalyst Reads

Thought-provoking, straight-shooting, interesting, Michael has created several book tags and is an active supporter of other booktubers.


Diana in Colour

Diana is well-spoken, well-read, well-rounded in her book choices.


Adam Cesare

Horror-lover, personable, author – Adam’s booktube videosare super interesting.


Rachel at Shades of Orange

Rachel is a horror podcaster at Books in the Freezer, a prolific reader, and supportive of others. 

In the spirit of inclusiveness, I’m going to shout out a couple of bigger booktubers, as well. I always seek these two people out. We don’t always agree on our reviews of books, but I love hearing what they have to say and they’re great, supportive voices in the booktube community.


David at The Poptimist

Thoughtful, irreverent, concise


Katie at Chapter Stackss

Truthful, open-minded, well-rounded


Thanks for watching and giving these booktubers the support they deserve. Catch you next time!

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